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In the shrimp hatchery business, the co-existence of shrimp with bacteria and vibrio is an event impossible to avoid.


To succeed, responsible rearing tank management and controlled water conditions are mandatory since feces, dead seaweed, molt, residues of food, uneaten parts of brine shrimp and dead zoeas, mysis and post larvae, all ends in decomposed organic matter. 


The risk of converting the rearing tank into a highly polluted environment that kills the population is big… Heavy water exchange does not help.  in fact, such practice may contribute negatively because it stresses animals, weaken their immune system and leave them exposed to potential diseases.


The only solution to face the real threat of opportunistic gram-negative bacteria from taking over the environment, is the conquering of the interstitial spaces of water and bottom to get rid of the substrate/source of growth of gram-negative bacteria. 


Once achieved this goal, the continuous administration of families of beneficial bacteria will maintain the water in the rearing tank as good as needed for the business.


BIOBACTER® is a very effective formulation that easily transforms decomposed organic matter into salts, minerals and carbon dioxide, which are essential for the nutrition and fission of algae in the tank.


BIOBACTER® allows gram-positive bacteria to prevail; therefore, it regulates the co-existence of bacterial population and keeps rearing water in equilibrium.


BIOBACTER® is a registered trademark of Biología Marina S.A., Guayaquil-Ecuador


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