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Molting the exoskeleton is a mandatory and normal process for the muscle development and growth of the Penaeus Vannamei. When the frequency of their molting happens at a sustained, continuous and perfect rhythm in each of the larval stages, it means the animal is at normal pace of growth.


When for any reason (animal/liter densities, very high temperatures demanding extreme metabolic behaviors, higher/lower salinities, genetic per se, water quality not compensated with nutrients and essential supplements for large quantity of animals in the rearing tank; etc.) the penaeid does not molt synchronously, it is easy to conclude the shrimp´s-primary-function-of-producing-hormones-to-molt is not operating.


The pentanoperhydrophenanthrene cycle does not close...  The structural base of steroids to produce molting hormones is atrophied.


Under above circumstances the absorption of fats and fatty substances soluble in food is nil.

The animal cannot shed; it despairs, delays its development, enters stress, loses its appetite, weakens, and a good amount of the population can die.


MOLTIN AID® is the only promoter of hormones for shedding. MOLTIN AID® has been formulated with extracts from marine animals that complement naturally with the organs of the penaeid.


MOLTIN AID® is a registered trademark of Biología Marina S.A., Guayaquil-Ecuador

Moltin Aid®_

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