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31 years

Offering solutions for the optimal growth of shrimp larvae




I remember when in 1986 the crisis of wild shrimp larvae happened. 


The only source of supply for a mysterious and growing industry began to disappear.

The quantity of wild larvae that was being captured in the sea shores was not enough to fill in the hectares of shrimp growing ponds that were built at that time.


In that decade I dedicated myself to the poultry business. I worked as the CEO of a company that simultaneously raised three million broiler chickens and half a million laying hens that produced three hundred thousand eggs per day.


The potentiality of the fast growing shrimp industry was very attractive although the bottle neck was for me also foreseeable: the risky decision required my having to move from no flying birds business to underwater swimming crustacean business…


The challenge was a deep change of orientation of 180 degrees: from raising an on the ground terrestrial animal with worldwide production archives of several decades, to the breeding of a marine animal whose domestication and genetics was -literally-, almost unknown.


The rest rests in our files: we´ve celebrated in 2018 the beginning of the fourth decade of life since I founded BIOMASA in January 1987.


With all of that accumulated experience to date, with tranquility and pride we can say "YOU CAN ALWAYS EXPECT MORE FROM BIOMASA".

Engr. Carlos Aguilar Borja

(Founder and CEO BIOMASA)




  • We are here to lead in the search of solutions that will allow our customers to produce shrimp larvae with the highest survival rate. 

  • The full understanding of cause-effects in the animal's organism is our best asset.

  • We responsibly keep the quality of each one of the products that we have successfully sold to our customers for thirty-one years.

  • We will remain with our feet on the ground observing the basics of the past; and also will be ready to innovate with the updates of modern discoveries.


As our slogan "ALWAYS EXPECT MORE FROM BIOMASA", we are committed to work tirelessly everyday on genetic and nutritional concepts; in simplifying breeding processes, in technological innovation with equipment and instruments so our customers can reduce the risk of the shrimp farming business to the minimum possible; from pregnancy to the packing plant.



Lorena Lucas
Filtration Division Manager
Engr. Mercy Bolaños
Administrative Manager
Alma Merchán
Filtration Division Manager
Engr. Ana Carolina Aguilar
Marketing Manager
Marine-Biogologist Daniel Porras
Technology Transfer Manager