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Once the nauplii in an industrial hatchery larval rearing tank consumes its food reserves, it is obliged to filter the algae and feed stuff it finds in the tank.  A life or death transformation process begins even though its hepatopancreas is not either fully functional nor completely developed yet...


Zoea´s digestive system is not capable of processing all feed stuff that hatchery operators throw into the rearing tank. 


The changes of metamorphosis that zoeas and mysis must face in the first seven days of breeding are very critical. They are still microscopic creatures susceptible to die very easily. This explains why the highest mortality rate happens in the Zoea stage.


PANCREATIN® was developed to enhance the operative capacity of the hepatopancreas of the newborn Vannamei whose digestive system isn´t able to absorb nutrients, nor is it capable of assimilating acidity.


Stocking, balancing and hosting in the zoea´s hepatopancreas essential microorganisms in charge of the digestion process is PANCREATIN´s® state of the art engineering.


PANCREATIN® is a precise formulation that allows zoeas and mysis to process manufactured foods and convert them into lipids.


Said in simple words: PANCREATIN® eliminates the risk of high mortality thanks to superior nutrient absorption technology.


PANCREATIN® is a registered trademark of Biología Marina S.A., Guayaquil-Ecuador

Pancreatin® the zoea & mysis miracle