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VITAPAC® was created to cope with P. vannamei's inability to synthesize what it eats into vitamins. This genetic defect is deadly, since almost all chemical processes necessary for shrimp to exist depend on a complex system of vitamins whose effectiveness is the responsibility of the essential amino acids dosed in its formula.


VITAPAC® is the formula of vitamins, amino acids and trace metals with chain effects for the development and promotion of growth; strengthening defenses; assistance for the release of energy from food; help for weight conversion; optimization in the chemical processes of amino acids, carbohydrates and lipids; strengthening tissues, stimuli for fertility, help to heal and several more!


Larvae raised with VITAPAC® are much stronger and adapt well in shrimp ponds.

VITAPAC® is a registered trademark of Biología Marina S.A., Guayaquil-Ecuador

Vitapac ® Larvae

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