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Since it is impossible for shrimp to synthesize vitamins, VITAPAC® MATURATION was formulated to compensate this genetic disadvantage and to provide all the essential vitamins, amino acids and minerals for the P. Vannamei shrimp. In order for the nauplii to inherit their genetic codes effectively and behave in their upbringing with good health, attitude, strength and vitality, it is essential that they have solid vital reserves transferred by their breeders.


The engineering in the combination of its 32 ingredients make up a cause-effect system and a chain reaction in the animal's metabolic functions.


In this way, VITAPAC® fulfills its multiple mission of improving fertility and having vigorous shrimp broodstock.


VITAPAC® is a registered trademark of Biología Marina S.A., Guayaquil-Ecuador

Vitapac® Maturation

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